Streaming Video (Short Clips)

Disneyland Paris (1 Min. 41 Sec.)
After flying form Los Angels to Paris we decided to stay awake by going to Disneyland Paris

Apartment in Rome (52 Sec.)
Affordable Apartment in Rome near Termini Station

Walking to the Coliseum (45 Sec.)
Street Musicians play while we make our way to the Coliseum

To Naples (45 Sec.)
We have Breakfast at a bar under our apartment and head to Naples via the Rome Metro and Termini Station

Climbing Vesuvius (1 Min 07 Sec.)
Journey to the top of Mount Vesuvius, the Volcano that destroyed Pompeii.  Erin is Frightened by an Italian Bug on the way back

Pompeii (1 Min 44 Sec.)
The lost city of Pompeii under a dramatic sky

Coliseum (31 Sec.)
We finally make it to the coliseum, and give our honest evaluations

The Leaning Tower of Pisa  (2 Min 39 Sec.)
We Climb the Towerr. Ladies laugh at me when I'm out of breath

Back to Florence in a Thunder Storm  (2 Min 02 Sec.)
We are from Southern California. We rarely hear thunder!

Venice (2 Min 40 Sec.)
A gondola ride in Venice on Erin's 20th Birthday

Eiffel Tower (1 Min 57 Sec.)
Avoiding long lines at the elevators, we take the stairs.